Marketing refers to the activities and strategies businesses use to promote, advertise, and sell their products or services to customers. It involves understanding customer needs and preferences, developing effective marketing plans, and implementing tactics to reach and engage target audiences. Here are some key aspects of marketing: Market research: Market research involves gathering and analyzing data to understand the target market, customers, competitors, and industry trends. It helps businesses identify customer needs, preferences, and market opportunities, enabling them to make informed marketing decisions. Target market identification: Defining a target market involves identifying specific segments of the population that are most likely to be interested in and benefit from the products or services offered. This includes analyzing demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and other relevant characteristics to create customer profiles. Product and service development: Marketing plays a role in product and service development by understanding customer needs and preferences and translating them into valuable offerings. Marketers work closely with product development teams to ensure products or services meet customer expectations and differentiate themselves from competitors.

  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Openings: 7 Positions

Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager (BDM) is a professional responsible for identifying, creating, and capturing new business opportunities for a company. BDMs play a crucial role in driving the growth and expansion of a business by developing strategic partnerships, acquiring new customers, and exploring untapped markets. Here are some key responsibilities and skills of a Business Development Manager: Identifying new business opportunities: BDMs are responsible for researching and identifying potential business opportunities that align with the company's growth objectives. This includes staying updated on industry trends, market dynamics, and competitor activities to identify areas for business expansion.

  • Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction
  • Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs
  • Arrange business meetings with prospective clients
  • Promote the company’s products/services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives

Requirements and skills

  • Proven working experience as a business development manager, sales executive or a relevant role
  • Proven sales track record
  • Experience in customer support is a plus
  • Proficiency in MS Office and CRM software (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Market knowledge
  • Communication and negotiation skills

  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Openings: 7 Positions

Project Manager

  • Project Role Description :

    Develop and execute activities related to end-to-end project management, including project plans and estimates, scoping and requirements through implementation and deployment. Proactively monitor, manage and report on execution of deliverables.

  • Work Experience :

    1-2 years

  • Work location :


  • Must Have Skills :

    Program and Project Management

  • Good To Have Skills :

    Program Control Services

  • Professional Attributes :

    a: Should have good communication and analytical skill.

  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Openings: 2 Positions

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is a professional who is responsible for leading and managing a sales team to achieve sales targets and drive revenue growth for a company. Sales Managers play a crucial role in developing and implementing sales strategies, overseeing the sales process, and motivating the sales team to deliver exceptional results. Here are some key responsibilities and skills of a Sales Manager: Setting sales targets and goals: Sales Managers define sales targets and goals based on the company's overall sales objectives. They establish realistic and achievable targets for individual sales representatives and the team as a whole. Sales strategy development: Sales Managers develop effective sales strategies to penetrate new markets, expand customer base, and increase market share. They analyze market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape to formulate sales strategies that align with the company's objectives. Sales team management: Sales Managers recruit, train, and manage a team of sales representatives.

  • Experience: 4 Years
  • Openings: 3 Positions

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