In terms of feasibility, business-to-business market research is a little bit challenging. At Prime MR, we know how to approach business professionals to gather data and feedback with tough decisions to improve the quality of your services and products. With our extensive database of B2B profiles and audiences, we are among the leading providers of B2B information. Our approach to B2B business professionals,

  • IT Decision Makers
  • Financial Analysts
  • HR Decision Makers
  • C-Level Executives


We have the largest online buyer board information available on the market with scale, variety, and agents to deliver dependable, predictable results. Gain access to a wide range of highly targeted consumers, including low-incidence audiences, forex, health care, voters, and new technology product owners. You can benefit from a single-source informational index that has figured out how to convey various favorable conditions, including exact unwavering quality, and widespread accessibility. To keep our first-party information relevant, we ensure that it includes authentic individuals whose profiles are consistently updated and powerful.

  • Offer tools and techniques for a variety of analysis and interviewing
  • Provide advice on the people to interview, and the sample size required
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative research services
  • Conduct local, regional, national, and international research
  • Recommend research methodologies based on the objectives
  • Ensure you get valuable data that you can utilize in making business decisions
  • Provide through analysis, including on-going support and recommendations

Health care

Professionals and specialists are being challenged in the health care and life science industries. Prime MR has access to more than half a million professionals and specialists from top health care and life science companies worldwide. This large consumer sampling allow us to have access maximum medical conditions in all around the world in more than 30 countries.

  • Branding
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Segmentation
  • Customer value proposition
  • Communications
  • Market assessment
  • Channels

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